Why do most bettors lose?


It’s a common fact that the majority of sports bettors eventually lose, something that doesn’t seem to prevent most of them from betting again. When such a player sooner or later becomes broke, then there is always another one to take his/her place.

The most important reason why sports bettors usually lose their money, are usually not their bad choices, but their handling of their capital and the amounts they bet. We are usually talking about players who are good at their predictions, but very poor in economic management, which is almost everything when we talk about betting.

If one is betting 50 euros in one match and 500 euros in another match, he has surely found an excellent way to lose his/her money fast. The same is true for players who single bet 50% or more of their capital. Sometimes they may win a series of bets but bad days will come for sure and players will found themselves in a difficult situation.

Doubling bets after winning or losing is another way to become broke faster and one of the most common mistakes from casino players and sports bettors, even those who have extended experience in the field.
Even if you have read books about sports betting, you will see that almost all of them have one or more chapters dedicated to money management, something that is not because the authors enjoy writing about it, but because money management is extremely important.

Lets take a look at the most common mistakes sports bettors make:

Wagering on wrong events

It’s not a secret that football and basketball are the most popular sports in the world, giving them the majority of sports bet selections worldwide, as it is also not a secret that they are among the most difficult sports to make money in the long term. Many people prefer to bet on different sports like baseball and ice hockey and this is a good chance to understand that you don’t need to like a sport in order to bet and make a profit.

Lack of information

Most sports bettors are dangerous because they really don’t know much about the games they bet, since there is a large distance between knowing about football and knowing about football betting. Knowing Barcelona’s 11 starting players has never given an advantage to anyone. If you don’t have time to find information about a match, find others who do, like forum posters or sports betting authors like us here at Oramabet.com.

Frequent bets on TV games

Many sports bettors feel that when a game is televised, they are obliged to bet on it. That was not causing real problems in the past, but now one van find 6-7 games on TV on a daily basis and even more during the weekend. Typically, odds for such games are sharper, as bookmakers know that these matches are very popular. If you want to bet on games that are televised, you have to use smaller amounts, even 25% of the money you use for other bets. Many bettors prefer to bet on TV games, even if they know that they do not have much information and that they do not have the same chances of winning.

We would like to state that there are no “magic recipes” in order to become a successful sports bettor, but those who manage their capital and winnings effectively, those who spend some time doing research and who prefer a disciplined play, are always one step forward than the majority of sports bettors.



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