Why Bet365 Android App is simply the best


As we have written many times in the past, the world of online betting is huge and the competition among bookmakers is particularly strong. In order to stand out in this war, what really matters are good returns, professional behavior and customer support, a wide variety of betting markets offered, and quality services offered to bettors. Nowadays, with the evolution of mobile devices and especially of “smartphones”, the services offered need to be of high quality in order to make users use them.

Smartphones and betting

The Android operating system is undoubtedly the most popular OS for smartphones and tablets around the world. Therefore, it is very natural for Internet bookmakers to want to use it, creating attractive applications, designed to bring new customers, but also to offer their existing customers new features and services in order to keep them happy. If you own a smartphone with Android or iOS, you have access to many betting apps from which we clearly distinguish Bet365.
Until recently, betting applications were just a mini-version of their regular platform where one could place his bets on their mobile phone or tablet, but with a limited number of matches and betting markets. Many internet betting companies still have such applications. Others, like Bet365, made sue to update their software by creating more complex applications with much more features.

Why is Bet365 betting app the best?

For example, Bet365’s betting application offers players the opportunity to watch their favorite races and matches live, and bet live on their device. With a couple of clicks, match results, live scores, team and league statistics, latest fixtures, and national and international standings all available for all sports. Naturally, the range of competitions and sports offered has expanded to the full range offered by online platforms, so what one can do from his desktop computer or laptop at home, can also be done quickly and efficiently over his mobile phone or tablet from anywhere.
The big advantage that Bet365 has and for which its betting application for Android dominates the competition, is basically the fact that the company is one of the most popular bookmakers around the world. It is obvious that this particular bookmaker has invested a lot of money in creating this mobile app that has the best features compared to what we have seen so far. The application is always responsive and accepts bets without any problems, even in areas where the mobile signal is weak (if you use a 3G / 4G network rather than a wireless Wi Fi). We are not exaggerating by saying that no other company offers the features of the those offered by Bet365’s mobile app. For example, while other companies offer live streaming broadcasts for soccer and horse racing and no more than that, Bet365 also offers basketball, American football, boxing, tennis, rugby and even cricket matches to all application users who have a betting account, totally free. In fact, it offers you the opportunity to bet through live on these games, if that’s what you desire. Alternatively, you can simply watch the matches you are interested in, without even subscribing to a pay-TV service.


An application with many useful features

Besides all mentioned above, we are talking about an application that is very nicely designed and ergonomic. The fact that laptops screens are much smaller than desktop computer monitors or even laptop screens, is very important regarding how all information and data is presented. Also, the way navigation us made inside the app is also more important, as well as how quickly it responds. For example, live betting on must be done instantly, and the mobile signal is not always stable, causing problems of communication between the application and the betting company’s servers. Do not be afraid though, Bet365‘s app really excels over the competition. If you bet rather often or you just want to keep track of the games and tournaments or even watch a match live on your mobile phone when you’re out of home, you really need to try the Bet365’s Android app. It really excels and you will find it extremely valuable for your mobile phone betting.


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