Top 10 starting hands for Texas Hold’Em


It is a great start for Texas Hold Em novice players to learn to play the game by getting to know how good or bad their starting hand cards are. For this reason we give you the best 10 starting hands in Texas Hold Em poker.

We must pinpoint to you that there is some disagreement among poker players if some combinations are better than others or not, but the list we give you is widely accepted by most of the players who know and play the game in an expert level. This is not so strange, since player skill and the style of someone’s game has also an impact on the game. In addition, you should keep in mind that a great starting hand can easily become a really bad one, depending on the continuity of the cards.

The list that follows is accepted by the majority of Texas Hold Em poker players and the team of when we play Texas Hold Em poker.

1. Ace-Ace

A pair of Aces is called “pocket rockets” or “American Airlines” and is undoubtedly the best combination of cards to start a game of Texas Hold Em poker.

2. King-King

A pair of Kings is second in our list and is widely known as a “cowboy” or “King Kong”.

3. Queen-Queen

A pair of Queens is called “ladies” and is the third best starting hand in Texas Hold Em poker.

4. Ace-King (suited)

This is a combination for which disagreements start. The combination of suited Ace and King is called a “big slick”.

5. Ace-Queen (suited)

This is called a “big chick” or a “little slick”.

6. Jack-Jack.

A pair of Jacks is called “hooks” or “fishhooks” because of how letter “J” looks.

7. King-Queen (suited)

A suited King and Queen is the next combination in the top 10

8. Ace-Jack (suited)

Texas Hold Em players call this combination of cards “Blackjack”, for apparent reasons of course, but other also call it “ajax”

9. Ace-King (offsuit)

An offsuit Ace and a King is the only combination in the top 10 list that is not a pair or a suited match.

10. 10-10

Two tens are called “dimes”. Some players disagree about if two tens are better that a suited King and a Jack.


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