The worst games and decisions in casino games


How casinos earn their profits is not a secret, because we all know that they earn from players who play and lose. Certainly, when we talk about traditional casinos, not online casinos, sources of profit are also hotel rooms, restaurants and a lot of other complementary services, but still the biggest part of the profit of revenue comes from the bets of the players.

Apart from the small advantage that casinos have over the odds of each game, players often make some major mistakes that increase the profitability of the casinos. It is therefore logical for casinos not to publicly announce what games and mistakes leave your wallet empty, so it’s our job and your job to discover what game you should play and what things to avoid.

Below is a list of the most common mistakes made by players who play at both traditional casinos and online casinos. Try to avoid these mistakes in the future if you want your wallet full from now on.


Blackjack insurance

Dealers are always happy to offer to pay security in Blackjack, every time the open card is an ace. But you should know that security always favors the casino since the advantage in this case reaches 8%, while in the regular game it does not exceed 0.5-0.6%.


American Roulette

Avoid American roulette when there are other variations of the game like European Roulette. The reason is simple, because this game has an extra 0 (it’s written as 00). With this extra number, the casino advantage is as high as 5.25% when in the European roulette with only one 0, the advantage is 2.7%.



Generally, lottery games are a bad investment in terms of statistics and probability. Keno is the casino version of the lottery and the advantage of the casino outrageous, 25%! It’s best to avoid playing this game.


Proposition Bets in craps

One of the many bets you can make when playing craps are called Proposition Bets. Proposition bets are when you pick the sum of the next roll. Avoid this bet at all costs, because the casino advantage is as high as 16%, which is very high in proportion to the chances of winning and the amount of the potential profit.


Draw in Baccarat

In Baccarat you can bet in favor of the player or the dealer but there is always the draw. This would at first glance seem good, but the bet on a tie in the casino gives a 14.4% advantage over the player.


Progressive Caribbean Stud Jackpot Bet

We would all like to win this progressive jackpot where the amount is usually very large. But do not be fooled by the big money, as small amounts will not cover you bet in any case the advantage of 25% for the casino. Stay away!


Wheel of Fortune

Often you will find a game called Big Six Wheel. It’s a fun game with beautiful graphics that refer to he famous game show with the wheel of fortune, but things are far from innocent, as the advantage of playing against the player reaches 24%.


Draw in Casino War

In Casino War game, players draw cards and the winner is the one with the highest card value. However, you can also bet on a tie of your card with that of the dealer in return for 10 to 1 odds. The problem is that the advantage of a dealer in this case reaches 18.7%, which makes this gain eventually seem so attractive.




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