Rules of good behaviour in online poker


Many poker players have the impression that because of the fact that they sit in front of their computer screen, they have the freedom to do whatever they want and behave in a bad way. Of course this is totally wrong, since there are many things a poker player must have in mind before selecting to play at an online poker table. We present you some rules of good behavior one would better use when playing poker online:

A. Never comment badly on a bad player: Never laugh at a player when he makes a mistake or bad plays. The last thing you would want after all is to make bad players better with your teaching. Even if a bad play of another player causes you to lose money and infuriates you, hold yourself and remain calm. Yelling and making bad comments is not going to return your money back for sure, neither is it going to make the player play better. Use the inexperience of a player to your advantage and do not discourage or be rude to beginners who make mistakes.

B. Never comment on a hand you are not taking part: You should never discuss about a hand in which you do not take part or give advice to a participating player. If you decide to go all-in and it is the turn of a novice player to act, how would you really feel if another player on the table who passed earlier, guided your opponent? Do not get confused. When you go all-in and try to intimidate an opponent yourself is another totally different case. The difference between the two is that in the first case a non-playing player offers his advice to the weak player which is something 100% non acceptable.

C. Do not swear for any reason: Do not be offensive verbally towards another player and start swearing. Such a behavior is not good for anyone. Your action may infuriate another player and make his leave the table. Even more, you can lose your temper yourself. Try not to act offensively when chatting and do not swear for any reason, even if you have a good reason to be angry.

D. Do not share information when you pass: Imaging raising the pot pre flop with A-5 at button and someone reraised. Someone else then calls and you decide to pass. If 5-5 shows up during flop, or something similar that would give you a strong hand, under no circumstances do not mention that to the chat window. Only after the end of the hand is it ok to talk about your hand. Otherwise you give information that have great impact on the game, which is something totally unfair for other players.

E. Do not stall without a reason: It is important that you play fast, especially pre flop. It is ok to require some time to think after flop, but do not spend time without a reason when only basic decisions are made. The delay is bad for everyone and a really slow game can infuriate a losing player, forcing him to leave the table.

F. Do not stall intentionally: Stalling while you are the last one making a decision on the table is really bad. The only situation that may sometimes justify such a decision is when playing against a verbally offensive player, but please never act like that with a random player.


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