Neteller, one of the top internet e-wallet services


Neteller is probably both the safest and fastest available option for online transactions between players and online casinos or bookmakers. It’s actually an e-wallet were you can store money and transfer it to and from your favorite gambling websites.

Through the Neteller website you can transfer funds from a bank account or credit card to your Neteller account for later use at various sportsbooks and online casinos, without having to verify your id all the time and provide everyone with your credit card details.

This is actually a double advantage, both for security reasons regarding money transactions, and speed since these transactions are almost always made instantly, without having to ways for hours, even days.

When you request a payment of your earnings, Neteller has the option of either transferring the requested amount to a bank account in the user’s name in just 2-4 working days or giving you a prepaid Mastercard with which you can make purchases all around the world, or just withdraw cash from any ATM.

Neteller began is operation in 1999 and in just a few years, it managed to become a leader in online payments with the support of millions of users in 160 countries around the globe. Each year, Neteller circulated billions through its accounts and is becoming more and more acceptable in the online business world and not only.

We should mention the Neteller is based in the UK, is fully licensed and accredited by the UK government and the same is true in many more countries, offering users more protection against electronic scams and the unauthorized circulation of personal data.

The Neteller website offers 24/7 support via email, live chat and telephone, around the planet, without charge.


What are my advantages if I register to Neteller? is a Neteller partner since we use it as a payment option for our cash prizes for our weekly draw and other competitions. By registering to Neteller you gain the following advantage:

• Another internet e-wallet option besides Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill)
• Safety and speed for your online transactions
• Detailed information and data records about your money transactions to and from online casinos and bookmakers
• 95% acceptance as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals in the most trusted websites on the internet


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