Introduction to Live Betting


If you are one of those players that apart from analyzing each match and looking for profits from them, are also somewhat searching for more intense emotions and experiences from sports betting, then “live” betting might be what you seek. However, if you can not bear the intensity of these emotions, then it would be better to keep betting in the traditional way with your own pace.

Once, such bets were available only on horse racing, but now it widely used in other sports too. The evolution of technology has made “live” betting possible, as in the past the only way to bet live would be to be standing next to the bookmaker, but even then, he could accept or refuse any wager.

The widespread use of the internet has changed things and now most companies dealing with betting offer “live” bets during a game or act like betting exchanges (such as those of Betfair and Betsson) where you play against other players, or in live betting platforms against a sportsbook. In any case, “live” betting is giving more and more interesting choices to the player and at the same time it also makes him more bold in his choices. Therefore, the risk in this type of game is much bigger, because all decisions are made practically in seconds, without much thought most of the times. With all these taken into consideration, it often happens that you make rather silly bets that most probably make you lose a large part of your money. Therefore, if you can not properly manage pressure situations, you’d better not try at all. However, there are many people who have learned to effectively use “live” betting and know the weaknesses and strengths well. It is important for the players to be able to adjust their betting strategy during a game and there are also many good chances for profit, if of course a player is able to understand some basic things, and above all to acquire the necessary experience.

If you can handle situations under pressure and want new excitements in your game, then “live” betting could be suitable for you. Good luck and rich profits!


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