Five betting tips for winning bets in 2017


The new year has arrived and now is a good time to review some of our practices and maybe follow some new ones in order to be more successful with our stakes in the new year. We present you for this reason five proposals – advices that we recommend following the new year.

Understand that the betting companies make money

Each player aims to beat the betting companies in the battle of betting and battle the odds, but the question is how many of them really know how companies work? We have previously written a related article, be sure to reread and study it a bit. It is essential if you want to become professional punters.

Pick a strategy and follow blindly

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan something right, you are planning to fail.” Although Franklin was not at that moment in mind the odds are that a betting strategy or model is the alpha and omega if someone wants to make money from sports betting. If you search a little internet there are plenty of strategies and the important thing is to find one that suits you best and customize even more to your own standards. Use it religiously.


This is a key strategy used extensively by professional punters as a means by which greatly limit the risk and insure their profits. It’s all about betting on different outcomes of the same betting event to receive guaranteed profit at the end, regardless of whether the initial bet won or lost. Especially if you are betting in tennis, be sure to know what you more about it directly.

Train your brain to win

Surveys have shown that the economic successes create great euphoria in the brain, as opposed to the economic setbacks experienced by our mind as a huge risk for our lives. It is no exaggeration, just work like our organization. Moreover, even if we do not want to affect our daily biases, prejudices, misconceptions and misperceptions that adversely affect our operations. It is mostly a matter of survival. For example, overestimate the risk of falling when we are somewhere high. Such instincts affect us in the most simple things of our everyday life and although they help us to survive substantially affect improperly on our ability to take objective decisions, which is essential to the bet.

Make it like the pros

Finally, if you want to become good at gambling, you will do well to begin to behave as professionals. Many times, the circumstances of our lives lead to “one-way” but proving particularly successful in the end for many people. The studies and your skills to some seemingly unrelated things can help you to bet more than you can imagine and your profession has a significant impact on your success in betting. Often accountants, financial analysts and other professionals deliberately leave their jobs and eventually succeeded to make a lot of money at stake and make their new profession.


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