Do online casinos really cheat or not?


From the first day of the appearance of online casinos it was reasonable for many to be suspicious about whether the software used by online casino companies are working in a proper way or if they are “tweaked” in order to give an unfair advantage to the online casinos.

For those who are really impatient, we can tell you that some online casinos chat, while others don’t. The actual point is to identify which casinos are reliable and which are not. website has a list of reliable casinos and also a blacklist of some others, that have many negative comments from players, even in some situations that they cheat.

We make sure that from time to time we update the list when we have new information. We would like to assist you this way, to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters, that hide behind a website and set “traps” in an unethical or even an illegal manner, wanting to find unsuspecting users across the world and rip them off.

The software

Generally you should know that there are some companies like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, and CryptoLogic that have created casino software which they sell to any interested company that wants to set up an online casino. The casino software used by these companies is fortunately found in the majority of online casinos, and we say fortunately because it guarantees that these games of chance are 100% lucky and that there is no sign of fraud. Fortunately, again, it is also easy to distinguish, after having some experience in online gambling, which software is installed at an online casino. advises you to prefer major betting companies, because we have used their software for many years now, with very positive results. For God’s sake, let’s make something clear at this point. We really do not say that if you find a casino with different software that is cheating, but you should also remember that the more famous the casino is, the less chances you have to be cheated.

It’s a game of chance

There are times when users mistakenly believe that it is not possible eg. to lose 15 straight hands in blackjack. This is utterly wrong. Those who have a relatively modest gambling experience will know that such situations are common and that it is also common for someone to win 15 hands or more in a row. The fact is that it’s the human nature that forces us to forget the good times and always have a suspicion about everything.

The following situation happened to me in an absurd game of blackjack: The dealer draw 6 aces during the same hand and 5 of them were consecutive, in a game with 5 decks of cards! You know what is the chance to pull 5 aces in a row? It is 1 in 371,293! And yet I’m telling you that it happened and that even the dealer finally went burned, so for sure the online casino did not try to steal a win from me.

As I wrote before, suspicion is part of the human nature will surely exist forever, but you should expect amazing things to happen in a positive or a negative way when gambling, even the most unlikely outcome is often possible, there are chances for that to happen even if the chance is 1 in a million or less. Ask the winner of a quadruple lotto jackpot, he will tell you better…




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