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Until about a decade ago there wasn’t any doubt about whether online or traditional, conventional casinos would be considered better, as Internet casinos were very rare and poor in all aspects (variety of games/interface etc). However, things have changed a lot during these past 10-15 years and now online casino gaming is blooming and bigger than ever. Therefore many players choose the comfort of their home than to move several minutes or even hours, to visit and play in a traditional casino. A great debate has begun between online and conventional casino gamers. The question is where one can find the best comforts, the most beautiful entertainment and of course the biggest profit? Below we will attempt to compare some of the key characteristics of these two forms of casinos:


The main reason why most people gamble is to get rich or gain significant amounts of money. However, the amount of money someone can win differs depending on whether we are talking about real casinos or online casinos. Traditional casinos have huge operating costs, as they have great buildings where players gather to play, they also pay for the staff and dozens of additional services to attract visitors. For this reason, players typically get back about 92-93% of the money they gamble on a daily basis. Instead, online casinos have minimal operation costs since all they need to pay for is the website, the software, some employees to manage the site and some other to help players with their requests. Therefore, online casinos return about 97% of the players’ turnover or even more in some cases. So in terms of probability of winning the player can have, online casinos are much better.


There are players who only seek profit and others who prefer the atmosphere and the fun and games in a casino environment. Traditional casinos offer a unique experience, as most are beautifully decorated and offer additional amenities, besides games. This fact can be both good and bad, as the average player goes through the doors of a conventional casino influenced by the environment and usually plays a bit more “open”, even though the money he has to play is not so much. On the other hand, traditional casinos are a beautiful environment where you can meet other people and communicate with them, factors which greatly enhance the overall experience. Online casinos offer beautiful moments, since the websites are attractive and the games offered are well made.


A large number of players love the fact that a visit to a regular casino is like going on holidays. That’s because there are many beautiful casino-hotels with pools in beautiful areas and resorts. Others, however, prefer to take their car and go for a walk to the nearest casino, if they do not have enough free time and money to spend. In any case, traveling for a short or longer distance is sometimes not so ideal when someone tries to “steal” some little time in order to play. Here lies the advantage of online casinos, as all you need to do to play is to turn on your computer and dedicate as much time as toy desire. What could be more comfortable than playing in your pajamas and slippers, any time from your home? Forget about dress codes and play your game from home.

More entertainment

An extra reason why one could prefer to visit a traditional casino is everything that surrounds it. Whether you are in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or any other casino land in the world, you will find nice restaurants, shows and other performances. Some people even visit such places for the shows and do not gamble at all. Online casinos, obviously, can not offer shows and restaurants, but allow the player to play many different games at the same time. For example you can play blackjack, roulette and craps at the same time, if you wish to do so. Of course, in any case, that type of convenience can not be compared with the lavish amenities of a casino or a five star restaurant.


When you take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos, it is easy to understand why so many people prefer them to conventional casinos. Online platforms offer home comfort and more profits. On the other hand, traditional casinos have some advantages, such as the rich experiences they offer and the diversity of entertainment. In general, however, most players would rather play every day online, unless of course they are in a mood for holidays. Given the fact that online casinos return about 97% or their intake back to the players, there’s no doubt about which one can be more profitable.




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